Somewhere between the old world romance of Charleston, South Carolina and the indelible cool of Brooklyn is the incomparable Ms. Milholland. Housed on the parlor floor of a Carroll Gardens brownstone during the winter and in the quaint courtyard of a Cobble Hill townhouse during the spring, Ms. Milholland is not a person, but a shop. Make that a shopping experience — a seasonal pop-up boutique that exudes elegance, charm, and more than a touch of whimsy.

Co-founders Claire Nitze and Lindsay McCann bring a refined sensibility to their thoughtfully edited offerings, mixing new and old, lovely and classic, and showcasing a fresh take on vintage elegance.

The name Ms. Milholland was inspired by a real life Brooklyn woman, Inez Milholland. A suffragist, labor lawyer, World War I correspondent, and public speaker, Milholland greatly influenced the women’s movement in America.